Great Big Family Play Day Welcomes Once Upon a Farm

We are pleased to announce that Once Upon A Farm is returning as a Exhibitor for the 2018 Great Big Family Play Day to be held June 10th in Griffith Park.

Once Upon A Farm is a manufacturer of fresh, organic, cold-pressured fruit & veggie mashups for babies, kids and adults and based out of San Diego, CA. Our ingredients are sourced from local farms, prepared fresh, and cold-pressured. We have 10 flavors of our original baby food blends, and 3 flavors of our new applesauce blends for all ages. We created the very first refrigerated, fresh baby food pouch. We are shifting the paradigm that baby food is only for babies. We feel that our babies deserve the freshest, most nutritious, real food that we would eat as well. Once Upon A Farm creates fruit & veggie mashups that are, nutritious, delicious, and can be enjoyed by the whole family.

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