Great Big Family Play Day Welcomes Imperfect Produce

We are pleased to announce that Imperfect Produce has joined as an Exhibitor for Great Big Family Play Day 2019 to be held June 2nd in Griffith Park.

Imperfect is a produce home-delivery service on a mission to reduce food waste. We work directly with farmers to purchase produce that cannot be sold at conventional grocery stores — it’s often rejected due to surplus, sizing, shape, coloration, and overall aesthetic imperfections. We offer a variety of fully-customizable produce boxes delivered directly to your home. Imperfect fruit and vegetables are 30-50% less than grocery store prices, and we even offer a 33% additional discount to folks that qualify.

By eating Imperfect, you’re helping build a more sustainable and effective food system in the most delicious way imaginable. You’re helping fight food waste and ensuring farmers are rewarded for their full harvest and can feed more people with less wasted water, fossil fuels, and land. You’re improving access to healthy food while creating fulfilling careers for employees. With every bite into a misshapen apple or crooked carrot, you’re helping shape our world for the better.

Vending or attending at the fair would involve setting up a table, bringing fruit and vegetable samples, talking to folks about how to help us fight food waste and signing them up for our delivery service.

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